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Media Duped or Silenced? Why the Silence about Tens of Thousands Polish Citizens on the Street?

10 April 2011 Warsaw, Poland. Tens of Thousands of people commemorated the anniversary of death of then President Lech Kachinsky and 95 people killed in plane crash in Russia a year ago. The demonstration tightly filled the square before the presidential palace and the adjacent street and turned into a very strong political statement against the Polish government and it's pro-Russian politics.

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New anti-corruption law has been voted by 119 “dead souls” in Ukrainian parliament

More evidence of fraud in Ukrainian parliament collected. Data, video. If you support our case – please help to spread the word and share this article with democratic world!

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25th Anniversary of Chornobyl Nuclear Disaster Commemorative

The Ukrainian Institute of America presents Chornobyl 25 – 10 days of art and music in commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of Chornobyl.

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An act of vandalism in Kyiv threatens historic plague graves

In Kyiv, Schekavytsya Hill, an ancient place with a thousands of years old history, is being destroyed by an unknown organization, that carries out construction there. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the hill contains mass graves of the victims of the 1770 plague.

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Do we need international observers for Ukrainian Parliament?

As regards to the immediate fraud committed in the video, international observers in the Ukraine Parliament is an excellent idea. In practicality that can take a year or more to implement if funding for such a project is not already in place, which it doesn't seem to be. This is a UN issue to be sure.

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He addressed the Ukrainian community about UWC’s activities in the last year, placing special emphasis on its work in defending the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians in Ukraine and the Diaspora.

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The UWC President provided the OSCE/ODIHR Director with an overview of UWC activities drawing special attention to the violations of fundamental rights and freedoms in Ukraine, including the government’s anti-democratic measures against political opponents.

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Scandalous fraud in Ukrainian Parliament, PROVEN!

Members of Parliament of Ukraine are nicknamed the piano players. They push many buttons when voting. The Alliance Maidan starts the civic campaign "Shoot the Piano Player!"
Voting for absent MPs and forgery of MPs’ voting and registration in electronic system presents a very serious legal problem which is in fact a problem of national security, since the violation of legal procedures of a law’s adoption is the basis for declaring the laws so adopted unconstitutional.

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Ukraine on the way to an authoritarian state?

Preconditions for a successful transformation of the Ukraine are an elite change and a stronger participation of civil society.

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Parliamentary Hearings Called on Human Rights Abuses in Ukraine

On Tuesday, March 22, 2011 MP David Sweet (Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale) tabled a motion that was adopted unanimously at the Parliamentary Subcommittee on International Human Rights to investigate human rights abuses in Ukraine.

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