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Moldova’s democratic transformation is in danger. Street protesters have accused the government of falsifying recent election results and called for the resignation of the ruling post Communists. The mass protests have been accompanied by acts of violence, hundreds of people have been injured and arrested. The authorities have limited the freedom of media and have introduced special security measures.

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Dear friends!

Dear friends,

This year is the 75th anniversary of the Holodomor, the genocidal famine in which up to 10 million Ukrainians died in 1932-33. It behooves The New York Times, whose reporter, Walter Duranty, received a Pulitzer Prize in 1932 and thereafter lied deliberately about the Holodomor, to return his prize. With every day that Duranty’s Pulitzer remains with The New York Times, the stain of Duranty’s lies spread ever wider.

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An illegitimate mayor “chosen” in bandit style

Myroslava Svystovych is presently appealing against both the untoward circumstances of her removal from office as Mayor of Irpin (Kyiv region) and against what she and other independent observers have suggested were serious violations of electoral procedure during the new elections

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Three years ago I took part in a 1 May gathering of democratically-minded people on Lubyanka in Moscow. A particularly democratically-memorable, moving, etc, etc and yet again etc moment was when equally democratically-minded people from SPS (Union of Right Forces) and from Yabloko both spoke of the need to unite against the attack on democracy.

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The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North and South America and the Diaspora (UAOC) cautioned members of parliament from further destabilizing the country and giving Moscow more satisfaction and political opportunities to exploit.

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Appeal of the civil society organizations for democratization of the Transdnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova

We launch the present initiative, addressing to all relevant bodies to support civil society involvement in the process of democratization of the Transdnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova, and reaffirm our commitment to the following principles:

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Save Ukrainian girl Chrystyna - entreaty from Western Ukraine

Chrystyna’s only chance to hear and to live a normal life is to have a “cochlear implant”. As the optimal time for such implant is 3 years, and being nearly 4 years old, any delay will negatively influence the result.

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Two America's illustrated

Harrowing scenes of third world desperation, as the youngest and fittest secured what little food and drinking water was available.  Reports of armed gangs scouring the streets, pictures of unburied dead and the lingering threat of water borne disease. As if a war ravaged part of Africa had somehow been lifted and transported to part of the United States.

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Ukrainian in Ukraine

I have been watching it live from Ukraine for almost 8 months now and until recently, when someone spoke Russian in an interview or during a press conference, UT 1 let it sound in the language of the speaker.

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I can only attribute your the recent honorary awards to Yanukovych’s
“cronies” to perhaps a “burn out or overworked state” and I hope that
somehow these awards slipped by you accidentally as you may not aware
of the gravity and danger of these awards to Ukraine!

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