A Traumatized Turncoat vs. Press Freedom

National Deputy Yury But’s main claim to fame – or notoriety – could well lead to another judgment against Ukraine at the European Court of Human Rights. The Kyiv Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling awarding him a lot of money in damages from journalist Olha Snitsarchuk over her calling him a turncoat

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OSCE Conference criticizes Ukraine for infringing believers’ rights

The US Delegation are scathing of obstructions or bans on movement and peaceful protests, including the obstruction of believers from the Orthodox Church under the Kyiv Patriarchate trying to reach Kyiv for ceremonies to mark the Festival of the Baptism of Kyiv-Rus on 28 July 2010

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Kharkiv Region Educational workers forced to join Party of the Regions

Educational workers in the Kharkiv region complain that school heads are being dismissed for refusing to join the Party of the Regions

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Kamianets-Podilsky: Historic City defends Democratically Elected Mayor

The nuance in this apparent tale of SBU [Security Service] vigilance and rigour in the fight against corruption is in the mounting protest among the city’s population over the arrest of the Mayor. It is, of course, for the courts to determine the facts of the case, however close scrutiny seems called for given the degree of public indignation as well as the timing of the arrest, just over a month before local elections which Anatoly Nesteruk was expected to win.

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In Remembrance: Babi Yar 29 – 30 September 1941

69 years ago, the Nazis murdered over 34 thousand Jewish men, women and children at the Babi Yar Ravine in Kyiv

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No Room for Democracy?

Elections in a democratic country can be viewed as a contract of sorts: if politicians keep at least their main promises and satisfy the needs of their voters, they can expect the latter’s support. Hardly excessive demands, yet the government seem unwilling to play by such democratic rules. They are resorting to very dubious methods aimed fairly clearly at strengthening their control and stifling, intimidating or simply muffling voices of protest,

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Mercedes, Cadillacs … all on donors’ money

According to a report from the Accounting Chamber, most misspending of donor money was by the Ministry of Internal Affairs with this becoming worse over the last eight months

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Four Members of the CEC call on Yanukovych to bring electoral process on democratic course

They warn that "the course of the electoral process demonstrates quite clearly that there are systemic factors which make it impossible to run the local elections in accordance with international standards of free, just, honest and transparent elections, observing citizens’ electoral rights."

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Head of IMI asks Security Service to not intimidate her concierge

Victoria Syumar, Director of the Institute for Mass Information, has publicly asked the SBU [Security Service] to stop scaring the concierge of the block of apartments where she lives (Her text in full)

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Most top positions on electoral commissions go to Party of the Regions

Most of the leading posts in territorial electoral commissions [TEC] have been taken by 6 parties out of the 47 taking part in the distribution. The largest number of heads, deputies and secretaries of TEC went to the parliamentary coalition which in total received 1,042 posts. Opposition parties represented in parliament received only half that number.

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