Andriy Yushchenko -- Son of God?

[Ukrayinska Pravda's article "Andriy Yushchenko -- Son of God?" has been translated into English during the past 24 hours.  Text is below.]

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

originally the article by Leonid Amchuk, UP

Do you know why there is no contest “10 richest kids in Ukraine”? ‘Cause there is no competition whatsoever. There is just one champion. And his name is Andriy Victorovych Yushchenko, Ukrainian president’s eldest son.

While people were speculating over Tymoshenko’s future son-in-law, the president’s successor was undeservedly forgotten.

People living in Luteranska Street, situated near Bankova, are telling stories about president’s son and his indecent behavior. For instance, he speeds up to 62,14 mph, shifts to the wrong lane, blocking other vehicles. But what’s really interesting is the cars in president’s son disposal.

Some time ago Andriy Yushchenko drove Mercedes jeep. But then he gave preference to Mercedes CLS 500. The car is not a cheap one – over $90 000. But it’s extremely nice and pleases eye…

But it turned out the car belonged to Andriy Yushchenko’s girlfriend Ann Pavlovych who lives in Luteranska Street, 24. But he can drive this vehicle only with Ann sitting beside since he doesn’t have the permission to do that alone. Just one person is allowed to drive this car (except Ann) whose name and surname begins with “M”. For ethical reasons we won’t give the full name.

Sure it was kind of a challenge for president’s son who drove a far more banal car. The feeling of male supremacy and higher social status made 19 year old president’s son renew his autopark. So Andriy Yushchenko drives BMW M6 now.

One should admit he has a good taste. This car might make car enthusiasts go nut and its price drives tax officer mad. We called official BMW dealer in Ukraine AVT Bavaria.

- Morning. Do you have BMW M6?

- Should order it. The waiting term is about three months.

- How much is it?

- Standard model costs 133 000 euro.

- Are there many such cars in Kyiv?

- Just one.

- Was it purchased in you salon?

- No. Is it that important?

The end of conversation.

Having analyzed this information and the fact that Andriy Yushchenko drove such car we identified the car owner. UP correspondent tired to learn more about president’s son gentility. It was quite an interesting story that almost ended in scuffle. So, Andriy Yushchenko drove up to his girlfriend’s house around 23:00. He parked the car teasing DAI (traffic service) liquidated by his father. The car was just at the central reservation.

While Andriy was sitting in the car, his bodyguards took their stands. They observed traffic rules and parked their BMW at the curb.

In some minutes another car went by Yushchenko’s BMW. It was the son of deputy Interior Minister, fired because of corruption accusations. The kids chatted for a while.

In ten minutes DAI car (license number 2022) came up to Andriy’s automobile wonder. But having communicated with Yushchenko’s bodyguards they disappeared. BMW M6 was still blocking the way making other cars press to the pavement.

Later on we found these traffic police officers and asked why they hadn’t fined the driver. They explained: “What can we do? Yushchenko liquidated us today! Besides, we know who was in the car. That’s either Yushchenko’s bodyguard or his driver”.

One evening in Yushchenko Junior’s life

In a few minutes Yushchenko Junior’s motorcade hit the road. But the author of this article went on his quest, i.e. he kept on looking for what he needed. As it was difficult to believe Andriy Yushchenko drove a UAH 810 000 car I had to document it. It was dark in Luteranska Street and pictures turned out really poor.

I didn’t give myself up to despair and went to VIP parking spots near Passage. I came up to Fellini restaurant, beloved by Andriy Yushchenko.

And a miracle! The only BMW M6 in Kyiv was parked in the right place, not in the middle of the road. There was nobody in the car. Yevhen Lauer, editor-in-chief of the web-site Tribune was driving along the street and started taking pictures. So there were two of us who photographed Yushchenko’s car.

In a minute Yushchenko’s bodyguard came out.

- Hey dudes! Who are you?

- We’re just taking pictures of a nice car. How much does it cost?

- 50 grands.

Apparently president’s son doesn’t tell the truth about his car even to his bodyguards. So we told him the real price. Then the bodyguard inquired whose order we executed.

Suddenly president’s son came out of the restaurant. That was what we were waiting for and we took Andriy’s pictures on the background of his car. Logically he should have waited in the restaurant not to compromise his father.

Without saying a word Yushchenko got into car and parked it on the other side. That was absolutely stupid move as the car didn’t disturb anybody. On the other side a UAH 800 000 car still stroke imagination.

Andriy Yushchenko had several ways to handle the problem with press. He could have come up and fib some “fairy tale story” to feed the journalists. But instead of president’s son came his bodyguard and demanded to show our IDs. For some reason he asked only Yevhen Lauer to do that. Since the bodyguard refused to show his ID it became clear that it wasn’t representative of the State Security Service that is responsible for highest officials’ safety.

After futile conversation the guy went to the restaurant. But he came back in a minute and did nothing original: a couple of abuses and the demand to show IDs. When we were about to leave he tried to get into Lauer’s car. Lauer put the car into gear and the bodyguard was left tete-a-tete with his questions.
Sure, that was interference into Yushchenko Junior’s private life. We just thought that people should know what car a third year student of Institute of Foreign Andriy Victorovych Yushchenko Affairs had. Let’s remind he is just 19 years old.

We are also interested in what allows him to drive BMW M6, his father should work 25 years for (as known the president had UAH 2 600 per month till June).
Besides we are eager to know why Yushchenko Junior drives a car with Czech license plates. We failed to get to know when the car entered Ukraine, if it would be registered here and what customs duties should be paid off. So, if any people’s deputies want to carry out interpellation, here is the cars license number: cz 3U1 0401.

And the last thing: his passion for luxurious things strikes. It’s known that, for instance, the president’s son has a very specific cell phone. It’s not trivial Nokia or Motorola but a Vertu mobile phone. If somebody is ignorant we might consult you that these phones cost like a baby car.

Vertu cell phones are on sale in Kyiv in “Crystal” store on Volodymyrska Street. You may learn there that a model for men costs from 4 850 to 30 000 euro. At the same time internet shop offers Vertu phones for $43 500. The high price is for platinum frame. They say, Andriy Yushchenko has the platinum one. Although, he might possess a phone made of “white gold”.

Some people claim they saw president’s son in club “Ibiza” in Odessa. He paid with seven C-notes. Yushchenko also prefers club “Decadence” in Kyiv. He drinks there “Crystal” champagne. The price is quite decent – over UAH 6 000.
Generally speaking, there are legends about president’s son, despite his dislike for publicity. We managed to learn where he found his “delicate” bodyguards. It turns out that Andriy Victorovych is guarded by former bouncers from Kyiv club “Chaikovsky”.

That’s an interesting story as well. How can you trust president’s son to the people who are not allowed to carry weapon. Or they have it, thus violating law?
P.S. UP addressed Andriy Yushchenko to comment on these events, with president’s press-secretary as a mediator. She handed over Andriy Yushchenko’s statement:

”That evening I was going to the movies (two movies were on that evening: “Fantastic four” and comedy “If your mother-in-law is a monster”, UP comment).

The car I drove is not mine, it belongs to my friend. For ethical reasons I won’t tell his name.

As to the bodyguard, my relatives decided to hire private guars for me during election campaign.
The guy became my friend, and a big helping hand. To tell you the truth he often helps me in the situation, like that one near Fellini restaurant when he demanded respect for my private life.

My family pays for the guard. (I also contribute my share). I must confess that being a politician’s son is an enormous responsibility. Especially when you’re the president’s son. I respect mass media and understand their rapt attention to politicians’ kids.

On the other hand I’d like journalists understand and respect my right for private life. I’m not a politician and I’m not ready to show my private life.

I understand that my surname is a big responsibility in itself. At the same time I’m a grown-up, independent person; I don’t want to be just the “president’s son”.

I study and work at the same time for some years already for a commercial firm. I try to be financially independent. I don’t have autoparks, but I earn my living myself. Concerning cars, usually I use my mother’s car”.

Pictures taken by UP and Yevhen Lauer


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