Viktor Yushchenko’s Face Will Return to Normal Within a Few Months

Viktor Yushchenko’s face will return to its normal appearance within a few months. This was stated today by Dr. Mykola Korpan, who had been treating Yushchenko in the Austrian “Rudolfinerhaus” clinic, in his interview with newspaper “Ukrajina Moloda” (Young Ukraine).

Dr. Korpan says that Yushchenko is completely healthy and nothing threatens his either psychological or physical well-being.

The doctor said that October and November were two most difficult months in Yushchenko’s life. “Now the peak in his illness is over. Yushchenko was fully examined and already in good health during the second round of the presidential elections (on November 21). Then we confidently stated that based on the results of analyses of his blood, urine, organs, his physical, psychological and somatic health was very good.

“What does it mean? In medicine, there is a scale for rating a patient’s condition: unsatisfactory, satisfactory, good, very good. We said then that his condition was very good. We were sure that Yushchenko as a politician had all the motives to participate in the election campaign, and when we were asked whether or not he can actually perform the presidential duties, we answered: Yes, definitely.

Dr. Korpan recalls that already on December 11, 2004, the final diagnosis was established: Deliberate poisoning with dioxin, which is rarely toxic.

According to the doctor, dioxins are a group of chemical compounds that includes approximately 20 components. Few cases of dioxin poisoning are known, worldwide. One happened in Vietnam during the war with the USA, when so-called “Agent Orange” was used (“What a strange coincidence,” Dr. Korpan notes). The second is an explosion at the chemical factory in Italy. Two more cases occurred in Austria in the 1970s. But in all these cases, victims have inhaled the poison, and it was a mixture of 5-20 components. “But Viktor Yushchenko - and that was actually our problem, since it is the first such case in the history of medicine - had received a purified chemical substance, a single purified toxin, called TCDD. Furthermore, he received it orally, and this means a totally different effect”, the doctor said.

“The poison was administered orally, that is, it entered the body via mucus membranes in the mouth and stomach. To say in which particular way it was administered is not in our competency, but in that of the respective agencies. We have determined the cause of the illness, the character of the toxin and the way it was administered. The toxin did not enter the body via the ears, respiratory tract or blood, it was administered orally,” Dr. Korpan answered in response to a question about whether it was determined with what kind of food the poison was administered.

According to Dr. Korpan, the poison could not be administered with a thick food. “It could not have been thick food. It should have been dissolved in fats, so Yushchenko had to have gotten it in something greasy. It should be determined what he had eaten the day/night before.”

Dr. Korpan said that Yushchenko’s poisoning is being investigated by the prosecutor’s office and the Verhovna Rada (parliament) investigation committee, headed by Volodymyr Sivkovych. “At least until now, there have been constant questions from the prosecutor general’s office via the local prosecutor’s office in Vienna. We have provided the whole case history in the first stage; and when the new results came in, they prompted new questions – I guess, about 15 - and we are answering them now,” the doctor said.

According to him, “such questions are being asked: Who could produce this substance and what is its origin? However, this is also not within our competence. Maybe this is within the competence of the laboratories that performed the analyses. I will again emphasize: It was extremely difficult for us to achieve a final diagnosis. Because it was not only a great medical responsibility, but also a political one. Of global significance. Therefore, before publishing the results and saying whether or not poisoning occurred, we had to have independent data from international laboratories. Only after they said “yes” did we publish the information. Therefore, perhaps, these labs should be consulted: Perhaps they can say where the poison was produced, and where it came from.”

Dr. Korpan said that laboratories in the Netherlands, France and Germany were consulted.

As to the question of whether Yushchenko's face will return to normal, Dr. Korpan answered that “the skin changes on the face, the changes in hypodermic adipose tissue, and changes in adipose glands are caused by dioxin, which binds to these adipose cells and enters adipose glands, accumulates there, and subsequently forms such pitting. Earlier it was believed that two, three or seven years would be needed for skin to revert to its normal appearance. However, with modern technologies, a few months will be enough. The only problem is that some traces will remain; however, they will disappear with time and facial restoration will be almost total,” the doctor assured.

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