Yushchenko's Visit to Donetsk

Today, President Viktor Yushchenko visited the Donetsk region where he introduced the new regional governor, Vadym Chuprun.

Yushchenko was accompanied by Head of State Secretariat Oleksandr Zinchenko and Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko, as reported by the President's press bureau.

At 10 AM, two groups of people eager to meet the president - namely his supporters and his opponents - gathered near the state administration of the Donetsk region.

About 100 supporters of ex-presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych, bearing the paraphernalia of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU), were shouting, "Shame on America's lackeys!", "Yushchenko is an impostor!" and "Russia!"

Somebody from Yanukovych's fan base threw an egg in the direction of the regional state administration.

There were three times as many Yushchenko supporters near the administration's premises. They were holding Ukrainian flags as well as orange flags emblazoned with "Tak! Yushchenko."

When the president arrived, he first approached his opponents. Some of them threw snowballs at him but he was protected by umbrellas readied beforehand. Then he greeted his supporters.

While introducing the new regional governor, he spoke about his determination to do away with the shadow economy, to fight bribery and the criminal system of power created over the last years. He said, "Investors are afraid of Donetsk because of this situation."

"You will soon see the Donbas region become quite different," said the President.

He dwelled on the topic of separatism, maintaining that the very idea of the federalization of Ukraine is without basis. "Those who were trying to promote separatism will be punished under the law," said Yushchenko.
Source: pravda.com.ua

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